Magazine covers that made the world go,Aiyaiyaaa holy cow!!


OMG,Oh my word,holy smokes are just some of the exclamation remarks that were(and still can) be used to describe the following magazine covers. Above is Orange is The New Black star Laverne Cox on the cover of time magazine. She was the first trans to grace the mag. Close your eyes and prepare…,I haven’t toldya to sleep!!!


She was the first blackie to cover Playboy magazine. What can we say,we also want to play,wink wink!


Can we all take a moment of silence as we try to imagine,no,absorb the beauty(beneath)….i mean,me,I mean you(pun intended),you on the magazine cover. All hail queen Kim K West!


Kim K’s husband when he decided to go all Jesus on this cover. Really Kanye,are we supposed to like what,believe you can die for us when Pontius Pilate orders your cruxifiction for our sins??? I gotta admit though,I have never seen such a creative magazine cover. Good work.


Errrrr,umh,ehe guys,when I get an exclamtion mark that truly captures what I feel about this cover,I will get right back to you…*goes to vomit*


The joy of sex,or the joy of Janet Jackson’s tatas…Those hands bruh…what can I say….the magazine speaks for itself here


Do you happen to know a pregnant woman? Good,tell her that an American magazine is ready to feature her and her bun in the oven full on nude! She will thank you for this


The Obamas here looking like they are plotting something nasty don’t they? Creative illustration of what partner in crime truly means


The moment we have all been waiting for…..True Blood stars looking thirsty and I mean THIRSTY….am I the only one sweating here??? *gazing and swallowing hard*
That’s a wrap. To all magazine creative directors out there,you now have a clear picture of what art is all about. Even having a threesome is totally acceptable in the 21st century. Have a nice one y’all. Signing out. Oh,your thoughts?


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