The Sex Talk;all campus goers listen keenly…or read keenly…


Are you done?? I know you are still looking,but there are a few things you should know as a campus student when it comes to the bees and the birds talk
Sexual assault is prevalent in campus. It comes in the form of demeaning remarks and tones such as “you ain’t man enough if you don’t bang me…you must do abc or else…”. If someone is groping you and you feel it’s too much or you ain’t ready,tell them to stop. Don’t let them manipulate you.
Kissing is good,but was it forced on you?? If so,don’t smile back hun. Even if you are a guy. That is how people end up being raped under the guise of trying to get you “in the mood”.
The other thing is,sex is not a must if you are not ready. And if you are,always use protection and never not use protection unless you trust your partner enough and you have both been tested. If you suspect you are infected with HIV or an STD,please go have yourself checked. Don’t assume.
There’s a lot to be written on sexual awareness and even though you have been told countless times to take care of your body,it’s always good to be reminded once in a while.


Take care of your body. It is yours and yours alone. If you have been defiled,please find ways to muster courage to report the matter. Don’t let it eat you away.
Again,take care of yourself. This is your body. And there is no replacement for it.
Signing out.


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