The Art Of Binge-Watching


Binge-watching;you sit down on your couch. Press play on your fave series that you have on DVD. Watch it. And continue. Aaaaaaaaand there’s no stopping till you are through with the 13 episodes. That sounds easy. So,how do you go about binge watching like a pro? We got you….

Fave series. Check. DVD. Check. Couch. Check. Your eyes wide open. Check. No one in the house/living room. Check. Phone off. Check. Good,step 2….
Press play. Focus to the point where if someone gave you a test on what you are watching you will fail. Yea,because you will only be wishing to get to the next episode and thus will have lost mind-control early enough. If you know the episodes and all the scenes to the detail,then you ain’t binge watching. That’s called analysing the series. So you will have to start again. Step 3….
Stop watching
Haha. Stop watching is like me telling you to idk,tell the sun to stop shining? The most important rule of binge watching is never stop,even to pee.
Still watching?? Yes,good
Just go on till I say stop.


Have you reached to a point where you feel like you need help cause you are now a full addict?? You can now pause. Yes,just pause,tell yourself binge watching is bad and that you have more important stuff to do and after consoling yourself,press play and finish the series.
Last episode
Congrats,you are now a certified lunatic. But don’t stress,there’s many of us out there.
Ask yourself this question?
When is the next season out??

Signing out. Have a nice one y’all.


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