The Week In Hollyweird


It is a never a dull moment in Hollywood and that is why on this beautiful day that the Lord has made,we talking tinseltown gossip. That pic is Selena Gomez’s way of promoting her upcoming album Revival. Do you like?

Blac Chyna is beautifully black!


Wait first,are you still breathing? That is Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna on the cover of Richardson’s art magazine. She is sharing her super-banging body with the world and I say she is soooo bae. Miss “Thang” can gerrrrrrrit. She really served this dish hot.
Bun is a boy


Ne-yo and boo Crystal are pregnant. You know what I mean. Guns or roses? Guns it is. Though technically the boy will have one ‘gun’. Did I just write that?? *smh*
Jessica Alba is honest


Drool drool drool all you want and forget the Jessi problems. Her company Honesty is being sued for selling unnatural products as natural. The company is worth 1.7bn(dollars not cupcakes) and she is worth $340m. I wonder whether the plaintiff is just having a case of green-eyed monstrosity but heck,if I was the judge and saw that very snatched and uber-synched body of hers I’d just say,”case is closed”. 😋
Bey’s birthday gift


Most of ya’ll didn’t know that Queen Bey recently celebrated her birthday did you? That was the message the king in her life sent/shared with her. You wanna know her age?? Sorry,I heard it’s illegal for a girl/lady to tell how old she is. I’mma be loyal to my girl. Okay,i’mma be loyal to Jay-Z’s baby momma. Damn,that sounds bad.
Hollywood’s newest crush


This is Denzel Washington’s son. Ladies,are you feeling him like the way that lady feels his lips??? 🙄 #NewSexGodOnTheBlock?
Beggars gotta have more cents


So 50 Cent is broke. Really broke such that he begged a judge to let him pay for his lights in his mansion. Seriously,being a celeb is no child’s play. I thought Power(TV series) pays him enough royalty for the theme song for him to pay off his debts. Or at least leave a comfy life? A case of imagination on my part I guess *sigh*
Kim K on Baby 2


*sorry for that small-ified photo*
Anywho, peeps guess what,queen of selfies Kim K West is considering filming the birth of her second child and airing it on her reality show. Really,Kim???? To you fans,are you game for this??
And that’s a wrap. What else have you heard is happening in Hollywood lately? What’s your take on those updates??


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