Let’s face it. Everyone faces some sort of stereotyping. But celebrities get the major flack for their actions. So,what are some of the tags celebs get when they do what they do….

Mullah,cars,houses and number one,girls. They will be spotted with different baes in different locations doing the “different” things. Mmmmmh,every girl loves a bad boy. So,it doesn’t matter how many chiquitas are in the mix. Bringing sexy back??*winks*
World War 3 is about to hit every time a certain celeb speaks. These are the male celebs who will start beefs,tweefs,or which ever “eef” thereof. And me thinks we already know some. And they like this title too. Let’s beef it up.
Or should should I say smouldering. Puppy eyes,charming smile and that skin that never seems to age a tincy wincy bit. That’s not enough though if they want to win sexiest male celeb tag. Skin skin! And I mean the buff body and the ripped muscles! I know some ladies are already choking now.
Well well well,what do we have here. These are the ones who will say anything, do it all,and get away with it. They are celebs. We are the fans. Shag and share,anyone?
Awww! The sweet ones are never understood. Fans(us) judge them harshly for their every small action. They can’t drink wine,it’s a satanist act. Geez. They can’t date hotties. Why,the heat is too much to handle. A letter of apology to this celebs is on the way so just relax.
You don’t just reach this stage if you are a male celeb. Enough money. No scandals. A high flying wife. Perfect family. Maturity.
Let’s not judge our celebs. Who are we kidding. We love them and that’s why we shall continue with the stereotype. But we shall do it on a lighter note. We won’t judge too harshly.
Have a nice one y’all.


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