TV;Africa presents….


Relax. Your tv character is not dying anytime soon. I want to share with you some of the most popular American shows filmed in Africa. Have you watched them….


Sense 8
The locations in this tv series are 9  and one of them is Nairobi. There’s a blogger I know who lives and loves Nairobi *looking at me now*. Anyways,the Nairobian plays a passionate matatu driver who has super powers.
This one’s a hot one


God has abandoned the world. The world is being run by angels. And those “angels” are doing their job in Cape Town,South Africa. Season 2 is out. *happy face*


Season 4 of this conspiracy thriller was shot in Cape Town. Damn,isn’t Africa one hot continent?
Black Sails
Who misses the pirate world? You are in for a treat then when it comes to this series. It’s also shot in Cape Town,South Africa.
That’s a start for many more to come. How many claps for Africa?


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