Celebs & Tech;the new revolution


Hold on Kardashian sisters,this is just crazy. Soon,planet earth will be renamed Kard-earth or Celeb-earth!  It’s not enough that we now spend most of our time pouring over celeb news(read gossip) and writing about them(guilty as charged),they are now taking over tech like never before. How? The apps are doing that for them….
Almost every celeb has their own app,website and internet-thingy. You name it. No problem. Only that they have followers and viewers the size of the population of a single country. Country,not county. Some of the most popular celeb apps include
Mariah Carey-Oke


Want to compete with Mimi’s voice? With her app,you can sing to her songs and rate yourself with her voice. Really? Does anyone want to go through that kinda torture? I know I wouldn’t.
Meek Mill-Bike Life
No qualms with this one. It’s just a game by none other than Meek Mill. Yea,that guy that Nicki didn’t want to get married to after he gave her a big rock. Sigh,anyways…


Tom Hanks-Hanx Writer
The actor is a sucker for ancient things. Or so it seems because his app is about a digital version of the type writer. What can I say?


Some of these apps come at a cost. Some are free. Most of them are available on iTunes,iOS phones and few are available on android’s google play store.
By 2016;
Katy Perry,Nicki Minaj,Demi Lovato,among others are expected to launch their own apps.
And in the Kardashian Klan,Kylie Jenner’s app is the most popular. Kim,we are sorry. So just calm down Kim West,no need for a bitter sibling rivalry. *though it would make for some juice*.


That’s an overview of the app.
Are you ready for a celeb take over? Or what do you think?


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