The much anticipated musical collabo| A few pointers


When we talk Kenyan music, there’s one group that always comes up,Sauti Sol. They are among the best in the industry and it seems they are aiming at “best-er”,if there’s any term like that. Why? They are hoping for a collabo with (THE)John Legend on their song Isabella. Should we be happy?
Its not cheap making collabos with international artistes. Like a beautiful diamond,the price can be a bit exorbitant. And is it worth it? They will get a lot of street cred for that. And will they benefit financially? I think the best way to answer that question is by asking ourselves another question,will John Legend fans buy the song?
International market pie
I really doubt that the song will get some traction in the international arena because of John’s name. Will John tweet about his project and tell his fans that he is working on an international project? Because honestly it is one. Maybe  he will,maybe he won’t. But how would the response be if the same Legend is working on a song with say,Omi? The internet would be in a frenzy,right?It’s a gamble.
But in all things,we have to start somewhere. *We will crawl,till we can walk,we’ll get strength till we can fly*  is there a Chris Breezy song with such lines? Help me out and share your views too.


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