Hollywood weekly


Where do we start now? When it comes to tinseltown,it’s always hot n heavy. Talking of hot,Princess Rihrih has a new shoe collection in collabo with Puma. Fenty by Rihrih is the new line and moi thinks it looks fly don’t you? I mean,judging from the pic? …and in other Rihanna news,her new man is Travis Scott. He’s 23yo. She’s 27yo. Damn I love hollyweird things….


Of models,catwalks and high fashion,Gisele Bundchen is the highest paid model in the industry. According to a Forbes report,the model gets a whooping $44m! Yassss,that’s what we call mullah peeps


Kris Jenner will never call Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn. It’s hard for her. It’s really hard. She’s Kris,she can get away with anything. And what of those rumors that she is jealous of Caitlyn’s new flame? Well,now we know…..


Relationships in hollywood are the topics we’ll never stop talking about. Rick Ross popped the question to his bae Lira Mercer.


And did she say yes? That pic tells it all.


Emily Blunt is one blunt momma. She joked that she “regrets being American” and that didn’t go too well with American conservatives. They want her to take her a$$ back to UK. No need. She apologized. But we all know that saying about truth and jokes right?


Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are officially kapish. Yep. At least no dark and nasty split with these ones. Hmm,though,let’s give them time. They always throw shade at each other after they start missing their previous life as bae and boo.


Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender have also joined the over-and-done-with bandwagon. It’s not very clear but we don’t care. They are celebrities. We love to talk about them. No shade though.


Iggy and TI have also broken up. No,not a romantic relationship. It’s a business thing. Iggy says that she was blindsided by this decision. TI says it wasn’t in bad light. Umh,Iggy, there’s something we call moving after someone clearly doesn’t want you in their space.


….and wrapping up,Zendaya covers Galore magazine. Do you feel this cover?
How’s your week been like?


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