Life Hacks


If you’ve been keen enough,there are a few lessons that are always talked about over and over again. In all lifestyle and health publications,there are topics you will always encounter. Let’s summarise what you need in order to live a healthy life

1.Drink water


Okay,not for pee’s sake but for healthy skin and for hydrating the body. Oh,and it should be lots of water.
2. Exercise


Work out and stretch your muscles to fight off diseases such as obesity and also,boredom.
And when this happens…..


3. Eat a balanced diet


…which is junk-less,and veggies more. Feast on things that add value to your body because your future self will thank you for that. But remember,man cannot live on fresh and healthy food alone,because,why are junk foods being manufactured? Just learn to balance everything out.
4. Destress


Listen to some good music,hang out with people who appreciate you and make you laugh and for goodness sake,have a hobby. Don’t just let your leisure time pass by. Do things which reduce the stress in your life.
And after all is said and written,have yourself a long, yes long,stress-free and healthy weekend will you?
Or how are you hacking your life?


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