Radio;memes that speak to the listeners hearts(or ears?)


Do you often listen to radio stations? If yes,we know the reason why(the pic above). Radio stations can be fun to listen to,and also boring, and also very in-between(not boring and interesting)😌 Let’s take a meme-orial journey into the land of radio
Which is your fave station?


Okay,papa dear is the common denominator
And which is your favorite show?


So this is what you listen to every Monday?? Haha!
Do you dream of one day working as a radio presenter?


Clearly you don’t need to be a college graduate or university educated. Just win a contest!
Have you ever called in to request for a song?


…just always remember to pronounce the artist’s name correctly okay,or else.
Have a business you want to advertise on radio?


…uh oh,we now know what happened (happens).
It’s a beautiful Saturday to switch off the telly and listen to some radio or podcast don’t you think?
Have a nice radio-day!🙌


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