#MCM;Disney Princes


As the world ends…(I heard there’s a meteor headed straight for earth),I have decided to share with you a few pics from an artist’s(David Kawan) impression of Disney’s charming princes. Warning to ladies;you will sweat,choke and maybe moan(kidding) after this piece, best be alone…*winks*


Tarzan looking all fly and ready for some action! Though Tarzan has always had a killer body. I mean,that’s what you get for living in the jungle.


John Smith from Pocanhontus. That chest,those biceps,heading down to that…*cough cough*,ladies,just relax…it’s just art…


…and if suddenly you find bae feeling all high,Hercules is to blame…


Eric from Little Mermaid. Huh,there’s nothing little about this Eric,evidently…*note to self:lemme not catch boo looking at this,or else*


…finally,the all divine,smouldering pie from the Orient,Prince Aladin! My oh my,no ladies should visit this page,banned for life!
Anyways,what is your take on the artist’s work? He is David Kawan. This must have taken a lot of effort and creativity and I am sure he has his critics (men,obviously) and fans(ladies,mostly) but this is still good work all in all.
Share your thoughts with me.
*oh,okay,someone is still going through those pics?shame,they’re not coming to life anytime soon😝*


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