What do you live for? Fashion or passion?


By that headline I meant to ask,do you just do what’s current or do you do you,for a much greater sense of fulfilment? Again and again the question will always remain, what’s the point of living?
When you watch movies,read books,memoirs,you realize,there is a point to life. To fulfill something. Even villains live for a purpose. What’s yours? No one said you have to conquer the earth. The times of Napoleon Bonaparte are long gone. You also don’t have to compete with Bill Gates. You’re not a genius and that’s not a crime.
If you don’t know what your purpose is,don’t stress. Just live as yourself. Be you. Accept you. Accept your failures and imperfections. You think it’s easy? Just try it. And be completely honest with yourself. COMPLETELY. That’s your new purpose. And do you wanna know what true crime is? Never ever doing what makes you feel fulfilled at all.
Have a purposeful day peeps.


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