Let’s catchup;local celebville


It’s nice to walk down the streets of our local “hollywood” and see what the peeps we have entrusted our time wastage to are up to. Don’t get me wrong. I mean,why are we so addicted to celebs? They live(seem to) live so glamorously, yet our lives are so plain. And we will always talk about ’em. Hmm,good,that’s out of my chest,let’s get back to business 🙂
DJ Pierra(above) was a bit unwell on her tour to the US. She had to cancel her show in Kansas City but reports have it she is good to go now. Stay safe Pierra,aka Jean Joyce.


Rap god Octopizzo is also leaving for a tour in Europe. He is on a mission to promote his new album LDPC,shoot some of his songs there and take over the world. This guy though,he always does it big. Bon voyage.


Feuding gospel artistes Willy Paul and Bahati want to kiss and make up. Not kissing actually you filthy mind. Willy Paul has come out saying he is ready to work with Bahati and he wants the past to be forgotten. I throw this one to you dear reader,what do you think? Reaaaaally think…


Rapper Collo also caused a bit of a stare when he decided to deck like this. Fashion lovers must love him for his extremely bold move and cynics…..well,we know how the story goes. This was at a concert last weekend. Wow or boo?


Fans of the TV show Mother In Law should be preparing for dissapointment and some tears. The banging beauty who plays Olive is leaving the show as she is also headed overseas for greener pastures


All the best to her. Sidenote; why is she looking for greener pastures yet I can see color green where this pic was taken? And it’s clearly in the country? Anyway,you go shine your star baby.


…and lastly, controversial(obviously) socialite Vanessa Chettle has dropped a new single titled “I hate”. Oh honey,we don’t hate you,you are just way too controversial.
Enough said.


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