If only they could see…


Silly mistakes. We make em all the times. Like that dude in the pic. Sucks to be him. But what makes us do some things which other people will never understand?

Humans are emotional beings. They have feelings. They get confused by these emotions. They get overwhelmed by them. Unfortunately,few people will be able to see right through us. You’ve been through so much. You’ve carried so much pain. So much frustration in life.
You’ve had to make tough decisions. No one cares. No one seems to understand. Because all we see,all we will ever see is a hollow,shallow piece of stone that keeps on whining. Many people will never,and I mean NEVER understand your pain and struggles. Even the ones you hope they will. The outside world will just throw more stones at you by judging you,your decisions.
Don’t let them. Even if you remember something and cry in public. Do it. This is you. Don’t hold back cause some jackass is gonna laugh at you. Don’t sweat it if no one understands why you do what  you do. Just do it. Because anyway,they will never understand even if they wanted to.
You owe it to you.
We can’t see inside you. So don’t let us from the outside crush you simply because we can’t and probably won’t ever understand.


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