Nana goes…*insert sad face*


A tragic accident has taken the  life of one of the very finest Kenyan actresses. Nana Gichuru’s BMW make of the car slammed into a lorry and the angel of death just saw an opportunity…
This is just crazy. How short life is. There are peeps out there reporting and giving “evidence” that the “how to get a husband” actress might have felt her death before it happened. What kind of sickness is that? Who writes such things at a time like this? We are supposed to be sending condolences. Mentioning some of her most popular works. So what even if she predicted? She’s not coming back. Have a soul guys!


She starred in Maisha Magic’s “How to get a husband” and NTV’s “Noose of gold”. I’ve always liked her je ne sais quoi sorta thing and she had always seemed to have this villainish sort of look when she was on our screen.*in blue dress in pic above*


Beauty is also something she was given. The face that set a thousand ships.
Condolences to her family and may her legacy as a fine actress and lover of life live on.
Sidenote;this life is just too damn unpredictable, just unpredictable. Live it today. Best way you know how.
Peace out.


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