The second season of hit series is premiering tonight on Fox *holds breathe*. Oh Lucious. Dude knows how to shake things up in the world of Empire. This season is even set to reach the sun’s burning degrees. Yikes. Anywho,these are the confirmed celebs who will guest star in the show…


Crazy right? Crazy in a good way is that Pitbull will perform in one of the episodes. #InternationalLoveToYouPitbull


Supercute,supersassy Alicia Keys will also have a role in the show so just stay tuned. With a smile like hers,she won’t even need to sing. Note to director;make sure she smiles a lot.


Comedian Chris Rock is also on the list! What happens when you combine an iconic comedian with a high-flying show? You’ll have to watch to find out.


Lenny Kravitz. Yea,that guy with that face(hot) and a musical and acting career spanning over a decade will make a cameo too. Mmmmhh *looking at the ladies*


This pic was making rounds way too much. So I thought…


How about this one? Ludacris is in the mix. We love


Marisa Tomei will be playing the role of a venture capitalist. Me thinks though,her waist and looks are doing the capitalizing for her on that pic.
The stars will be more than just the ones I’ve mentioned and the drama,boy oh boy,its expected to hit the sky as Lucious plots a comeback. Let’s wait and see. We will be here to judge if the outcome is not as expected. But they say,all good things come to those who wait.
Signing out.


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