Bored AF? Your saviour is here!


Hmmm…let’s talk nudity. What comes to your mind when you see that pic? In my case,I see a body which is made of fine stuff. Flawless. I am really,really trying hard to refrain from writing what is exactly crossing my grey matter right now,so let’s focus,seriously…

That photo is of famed model(super) Gisele Bundchen and as you have guessed it was taken during photoshoot. Maybe for some famous publication or a gallery. She is nude alright. In pop culture,nudity is a form of art. To express something. Say appreciating one’s body and not seeking validation from others.
For a woman,it takes a lotta courage to strip down and have your photos taken and circulated all over the world and so you really have to justify your action.
What is your thought? Is going nude an expression of art and personality and promoting the fact that you should embrace your body? Or like me,do you believe its just a ratchet thing and only words like art are used to justify these actions? At what point do we say this type of nudity is art and this one is not? Who gets to decide that,me the viewer,or the photographer/art?
Share your mind with me. After all,you told me you were bored. I gave you something to think about. You now owe me something. Time to pay the piper  🙂


4 thoughts on “Bored AF? Your saviour is here!

  1. The Activist says:

    Nudity is or should be seen as a natural state. Its only the media and the capitalists that see it as anything else. Clothes (apart from when its cold) = money Sexy = money and porn = money. Take away the lust for cash and its just pleasant 🙂

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