Out with the nice,in with the naughty(really naughty)


Hi guys. His name is Peter Okoye of the Naija P-Square musical duo. With that body he can sure steal any girl and boy you wouldn’t do nothing(unless of course you can match that). Pete the hottie though,decided to show what he is really made of on the ‘gram the other day..


Yes. That is what he is made of. Before you start doing anything crazy(like drooling or calling him names),something else you should know,that 4-5 is not actually his.
He clarified by saying that he had gotten the pic from a gay site. And later removed it. What? Why?
Only 2 reasons;he is either seeking attention(to put it nicely some publicity) or he was bored. After which he decided to tread the internet and look for the greatest(than his,maybe) whip that lives. I guess he did. Oh well. Celebs never change.
But the point is. When celebs do such things,it’s a clear indicator that they don’t believe in themselves(and I mean their talent) or that they have nothing of real value to offer. Why not even put a pic of him in the gym? It sends a message to the fans. Take care of your body. But now,eish….


Though…seems our guy has a streak. They say there is power in the D! You go guy,maybe your next song is all about the…….and you have to get ready.


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