Top Actor Africa


Some good news for aspiring Lupitas and Eddie Gathegis outchea. BET Africa TV has a special announcement. Smile first,cause it’s really good…….done smiling? Let’s read

BET  Africa previously held a show titled Top Actor South Africa in which 12 contestants in the field of acting would battle it out for the number one spot. Number 1,Altovese Lawrence who won, got a show on BET named BETBuzz and she got a Hollywood agent as part of her contract. Plus other niceties.  And she won’t share with you. Now,BET is changing the show to Top Actor Africa and it will have contestants from Kenya,Nigeria and of course SA. For the Kenyan auditions,here is what you need to know:
Requirement;valid passport
NB;scripts will be provided at the auditions or you can send a demo to BET’s website if you want to go online. You must also be available for filming in the months of November and December. Mzansi here we come!
To all aspiring actors who can meet the requirements, please audition. Lady luck might be knocking now.


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