In the world of magazines…


*Bella Hadid(Gigi Hadid’s young siz) on the cover of Wonderland magazine*
Yours truly has been away for a while. Have you forgiven me? What would the world be without forgiveness right? October is coming along just fine,thanks for asking. This month has also seen a stunning assortment of magazine covers and boy do they look hot. Is you ready for some eye-feasting? If you are,join me…


Naomi Campbell is proving that once a slayer always a slayer. She covers French mag Lui and even though I have no idea what catchy storyline they’ve written about her on the cover,I guess it’s something like,”Naomi the great!”


Yaaassss. I’ll be your man and you’ll be my mama. That’s right. I’m talking about none other than pop icon Nicki Minaj who covers New York Times mag. Can I hear a grrrrrrrrrrrr for this one?


What’s the Essence of a magazine? It’s capability to put together a very attention-grabbing cover like this by Kerry Washington. That queen from TV show Scandal. Yea,she’s a queen even in covering magazines. She’s giving me that look btw….. don’t ask…


Sexy,synched,slay! Dear Jessica Alba,due to the competition you have brought,I am ditching my bae by the end of the week if she doesn’t hit the gym. SOON. Redefining the word goddess.


I asked myself this question some time back and now I want to ask you the same,are we ever gonna get enough of the Kardashians? No. Deal with it. I did. Welcome pop culture’s First Family. I heard the Obamas didn’t take this too well. They should probably start a reality show if they got beef. Sorry MrO.
What’s your take?
And how is your life so far? October going well or disastrous? Either way,it always gets better….


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