Moi University Fresher’s Night; The Highlights


Are my heart and ribcage still intact? Oh yes. I’ve just confirmed. You asking why I am doing this? Picture a place with 15 mad-pounding loudspeakers. Just give it a thought and tell me what you think? Anywho,yesternite was THE night for the freshmen in Moi University Eldoret….

It’s a tradition in most local universities to hold a night of party to officially welcome their new undergrad students and anyone with the time is allowed to chip in(usually now the other continuing students). Get the drift? Good,let’s get to the part where i give a few snippets of how Moi University’s F-Night was like..
The Fashion
It’s well known that campus-goers know how to clad but on this night,several pieces were necessary for you to look appropriately dressed. Dudes;leather,shorts,loafers or any dance-appropriate shoes.
Babes;short dress,flat shoes
This was the most appropriate way to dress for such a casual feel good event but many failed the test. Many looked nice,yes,nice. That’s okay,but not decked for the occasion. Either way,the fashion was on point. Where would we be without diversity?
The Squads
Do you belong to a squad,boy squad,girl squad,mix squad? These are your bunch of friends whom you stick with all the night,all the time. Before the event had kicked off officially,the squads were on the dance floor showing moves like never seen before. It was interesting seeing them do their thing to an audience that was at this time just settling in. It’s now 11pm.
As the DJ kept on doing his trick,the dancers on the floor added up. Though most of them were the boys. Not many girls. I think we still have not come to that stage where girls can feel as confident as the boys.
12! The MC took control and the rest is as will follow. Giveaway tickets from Skyward Express were given,performances from homegrown artistes of the uni,dances from the campus’s dance crew,hot beats from the DJ…then the moment everyone had been waiting for…
Enter Kenrazy and Visita
These are some of Kenya’s finest musicians and they electrified the place like craaaaaaazy!


Track after track after track and the crowd grew crazier. The night was long with the performances from both artistes and by around 3am the curtains were falling.
Where was I all this time? That’s a story for another night:D
*don’t mind the low quality photos;that’s THE Kenrazy*


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