Tinseltown updates


Not so many juicy stories from Hollywood this time but after scraping around this is what I found….
Taylor and Calvin are finding it hard to manage their long distance relationship. Why? Their tours are just becoming too many. But we sure do hope nothing is going to happen. As in the S word(split). I didn’t wanna write that here,so,consider it not written.


Gigi Hadid and Nick Jonas also seem to have problems of their own. Or maybe the tabs are making a big deal outta nothing. Gigi was spotted shopping for a house and she said she was shopping for one. Ain’t ready to move in with her hottie bf. #MissIndependent? Nick, relax,she’ll come around.


Raven Symone is now turning out to be a total B*TCH. On her show,The View,she said she discriminates against peeps with black names(seriously?) and that she wouldn’t even hire them given the chance. What can I say,she’s entitled to her opinion isn’t she?


Kourtney is now catching up with the Kardashian disease of nuding up. She did a photoshoot(read nude) for Vanity Fair magazine that will be showcased at an art gallery so she won’t be on the mag. I guess like they always say,it’s all for a good mission. A good nude mission.




“Transfomers” star has proven he can really transform into a rogue disorderly man. Shia LaBeouf was recently arrested for disorderly conduct at a broadway performance and he has even pleaded guilty. The first step to change,is by admitting you have a problem that needs to be changed.
That’s all from me good peeps.
How’s your weekend so far?


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