Kenyan TV; Series way is the serious way to go…


Is it just me or do is there anyone else who also feels the same way about Kenyan tv? Where is the good stuff guys?
The problem with(some/most) kenyan tv shows is their staleness. A show will start off so nicely,then after a year,we have tired of it and the writers have grown tired of writing new interesting storylines.
I believe we should adopt the Western system of bringing a show for a given period of time. Say 3 months. Then pulling the plug for them to come up with the next season with fresher stuff. Having had reviews from fans. And in the meantime,a new show is rolled out as we wait for the other one. This will even give an opportunity to new players in the industry who want to prove themselves. Putting an end to the game being run by a few players who also happen to play the game badly.
Dear TV managers,maketers etc.,will you put into consideration the opinion of one simple blogger?
What do you think,yes you,the reader?


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