Local Celeb News Roundup


Good people how are you doing? Are we(and by we i mean you) still waiting for El-Nino? Honestly,I don’t care. These things are beyond my control but what I know I hold power over,is dishing you with the latest celeb news in the country. You are in for a treat today…


Patricia Kihoro was named Amarula’s brand ambassador. Congrats goes to this lady who has kept it real. She can now quit her job at Homeboyz Radio I’m not shy,I can replace her *flashes grin* till she gets back of course from promoting this drink. How about a toast to that?


Somebody just somebody come save me. I’m about to break my screen right now. Blame it on the green-eyed monster called jealousy in me. This couple though….Nick Mutuma and bae Brigid Shighadi have been nominated as one of the most stylishly dressed couple in East Africa by a Tanzanian tabloid. What do you think?(don’t you dare try to drool at Nick..or Shighadi,for that matter,or else….)


Lyrically challenged. What does that even mean? Get this, some peeps are spreading word that Kristoff’s smash hit “Dandia Kama Mathree” is a dope song but is just plainly,lyrically challenged. And funny thing is,Kristoff agrees with them! Okay,whatever that means,I know I still dig the song,don’t you?


Still on the lyrically challenged dude,he’s set to release a list of 8 rappers he feels strongly about. That is,those,who according to him,are getting this rapping thing. #Kristoff8
I thought he’d be busy promoting a new song or something. #SMDH Can’t always trust my head now can I?


*checks to see if anyone else is watching*..it’s nosy to snoop in on newlyweds especially on their honeymoon but honey,these 2 are worth breaking the rules for. They were spotted in Diani,after which they head to Mauritius, then Dubai.
Modern day fairytale.
Damn,mister me is getting married next week. Watch this space 😀
Yaaaaaay! Reason to cheer and smile from ear to ear(more specifically from Mudigi’s ear to Bien’s ear) is here. Sauti Sol have been nominated for a Black Entertainment Film Fashion and Television Award(BEFFTA) set to take place in the UK.
Emmy Kosgei is also part of the nominees list. What to do what do what to do? Keeping my fingers,even toe-fingers(is that correct?excitement is to blame) crossed. Really though,hope they win big!


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