WCW;Beautiful Betty…


We’ve all been on her case for like forever but heck,we have to. It’s our right as pop culture fans. But we do it all with good motives. Ever since Betty Kyalo appeared on our screen,her charmed worked instantly. Then she got a boo and then she got a bling on it…we thought we’d let her be with her man,but we just found out she’s Betty. Beautiful Betty. Let’s explore her in pictures….


Au Naturel
Wanna know she’s truly beautiful? You have the proof. No makeup. Clean. Natural. We love.


Cover Queen
Bae can rock the cover of any mag she sets her sights on. And boo is there to give her the much needed support. Literally! 🙂


Minnie Betty
The adorable cutie pie she’s holding is her baby Ivanna. Doesn’t she look just like momma,only a minnie version? And that baby got it right,looked straight in my eyes. Wow. A guy can dream.


The trick is in the hat…
Haha,I thought so too! You haven’t realized the trick yet? That pic is not hers. That is her sista! Hi there twinnie?
We continue wishing Betty all the best in her new life and may she continue to be that glowy lovely thing we have come to adore.
Kenyan sweetheart truly.


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