MCM;(THE)Edi Gathegi…


Hey ladies. You know I’m that guy. That guy who can control his jealousy and serve you with hot(super hot) pics of male celebs. Today we have Kenyan-Hollywood based Edi Gathegi. Mmmmh welcome for some shameless perving to beat your Monday blues…
I walked the streets of the interwebs to look for his hot pics and not many were forthcoming. I guess it’s true what they say,true beauty hides in plain sight. Ladies,ready your eyes…


Step by step. The neck and that dark tone on his skin I’m damn sure has some women sweating already…


That look you give bae when you know you fly. I can just feel that confidence oozing from where I am,can you?


Well well well,what do we have here. Perfectly chiseled and i’m now getting jealous. Umh,Edi,can I at least have that coat since all ladies are now yours? I mean c’mon,you gotta leave me with something here bro


Is someone moaning already?*looking at the ladies* You haven’t seen the icing to the cake then…


Choke and salivate all you want,but you ain’t seeing what’s beneath the water! As if I’d put up the real thing. Men,this is the part where you ensure your bae goes blind. She might just leave you.
Enough of the eye-feasting. The guy has other talents apart from all that fine stuff beneath him.
He played a role in X-Men First Class as a superhero mutant. He has now been given a recurring role in the TV series Blacklist. This time though,he plays a villain.
And I guess he can get away with quotes like…..


How many yays for Edi for making Kenya proud?


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