Friday Treat;When a Kardashian turns 35…


Me: *singing* How old are you now?
Kim: happily 35years old!
Okay okay,I wasn’t invited to her birthday but if I was,that’s how the conversation would have been like. Anywho, Kim,the most popular Kardashian sister,turned 35 on October 21st. So many things happened on that day,from Kanye surprising her with a party to her looking glam. Let’s focus on the pics…


King and Queen looking stylish as usual. Beige is beautiful,white is wow!


Momma Kris in one of the pics. Karl is my father!? Umh,it’s your daughter’s birthday,not father’s day momma! Anyways,I liked the show of support for Kim in that they had fake baby bumps. Awww


1st borns should match in with all the confidence. That is Kourtney Kardashian looking black-ish in a nice-ish kinda way.


What’s with the color black people? This is a birthday party of one of the world’s most famous faces!! Okay,I dig that crop top. Worked on her body. Good work Kylie.


Finally. Exit black,enter white. Looking fab in white is Kendall Jenner. Sending a kiss right away.


And that baby bump honey. No words.
…small request,name your second baby after yours truly,*ahem*,I meant your husband truly.


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