You know I be that guy who crushes into celebrity parties un-invited aaand I am always kind enough to let you gate-crush with me.Oh c’mon, it’s just a little bit of fun. A little party never killed nobody! Welcome to Olivier Rouesteing’s b’day party. He is one of the lead designers at famous fashion house Balmain. Yes,THE Balmain…let’s take a few pics. *above is Olivier with Willow Smith,Jayden Smith and their mom Jada Smith*chanel iman

Model,actress and my new muse Chanel Iman looking wow and showing the us how she can run the world with those legs. Yay to the inventor of minis.


Jennifer Lopez is now Jennifer Love-pez. She is looking hot,stylish and ready to be the new mrs me  in that outfit. My dreams are valid yoh.


Or maybe my dreams are not so valid. Olivier I see you.


jourdann dunn

Her name is Jourdan Dunn and her dress did her justice. She is one of the model friends of Chanel Iman. Does she look a little like Ashley Madkwe from tv series Revenge and Salem? Who cares, she looks good. Very good. *winks*

jourdan dunn and friends








kim and olivier

And our fave reality family who never miss out on anything. Gosh,isn’t just amazing being a Kardashian?

Do you have any party you want to invite me to? I am such a sport. I never disappoint and I will tell it like it is. Or like I see it.

Happy b’day Olivier. Here is to growing old and wise.


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