Hollywood headlines


Hello my good peeps. Missed you so much. Yours truly was still recuperating from the after-effects of the Kardashian party(that I wasn’t invited to,you don’t have to rub it in). How about some Hollywood dish? you will looove the isht that’s happening in that place. Though I have to say there were was no scintillating drama but all in all welcome to the streets of tinseltown… adele album

British songstress-come-James Bond girl has dropped a new single titled Hello. The song is one to die for(not literally though) as it brings out her best in terms of vocals and creativitiy. The hit is about love gone wry and dry and the partner in the relationship is trying hard to apologize. This joint will likely remind you of Someone Like You and you might shed a few tears(of support). She’s  also planning on releasing her next album 25 which is expected to be massive. Is you ready for Team Adele? you can watch the video of Hello HERE.


I donno what to feel about this so i’m gonna throw it to you. English vocalist Micah Paris(above) has come out throwing shade at artistes such as Rihanna and Queen Bey(read Beyoncé) in an op-ed article to the Daily Mail. She claims that American artistes and pop icons of color including Eva Longoria have resulted to whitening their skin to feel more superior and more accepted because they attribute their ‘original color’ to inferiority. What is your take? Do you agree that celebrities of color have decided to be more ‘Caucasian’ or it’s just their personal decision and we shouldn’t judge them blindly? Share  your mind with me.


And still on color, some fans of the movie Star Wars want to boycott the 7th installment of the film. Why? because one of the lead characters is black. Seriously?*coughs* This is 2015 and we also happen to have a black global leader and a Latino pope. Why would a  movie character be such a bother? Well, there’s something we call opinion and they are entitled to it. Let the boycott begin. Who knows, creator of the movie franchise, Lucas, might just hire them as the new replacement actors. Meh.

Steve-Jobs movie

Steve Jobs is now out of job. Out of job from the fans. A movie about tech icon Steve Jobs with the same name has been harshly criticized for it’s lack of content,low quality and let me stop there. I don’t want you to hate the movie for no reason. Just know that the movie is out of box office for it’s low performance. Tragic. Deceased wife of the techie said the movie was pure fiction. Okay. Don’t even bother looking for this one. You might just weep blood for how un-appealing it is. Forgive me.


To funny news now. Comedian Chris Rock will be hosting the upcoming 88th Oscar Awards. We are counting down to the awards. Can’t wait for the Oscars. Seems like we’ll be laughing our way there.


Harry Potter fans outchea count yourselves lucky. We say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. I have no idea who that fat lady is but it seems she has sang because now we have Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. What’s the catch? it’s a play,not a movie and it is set 19 years after the film. So basically we will see an old Harry with like 4 kids and one of them will be cursed because he/she will be an illegitimate spawn of Harry and Hermione. Anywho, HP never disappoints. The play will be showcased in London next year. Excited much?

How is your life so far?


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