Musical Milan| MTV EMAs

ed and rubySunday was THE Sunday in Milan Italy. The MTV European Music Awards took place and i just happened to have travelled to that city. Yes i did. Virtually ofcourse :-).To prove that i attended the mega event,here are the pics to show for it. Are you ready to rip these celebs’ red carpet style with me? I don’t think i should have even asked that question cause i know you are…*above are hosts Ruby Rose and Ed Sheeran. No,he’s not marrying  Ruby any time soon*ed sheeran hostThis is what we call a gentleman look. Classic black suit complete with a tweed. The gods of men’s fashion would be so proud. Nice touch Ed Sheeran.

ruby rose co-hostCo-host Ruby Rose loking happy. Which is okay cause the fashion is on. I ocassionally write about fashion and even though i ain’t an expert,when i see hot heels on a beautiful creature, i normally sigh like SIGH!

diamond platinumz*claps three times* Our very own East African celeb Diamond Platinumz was also at the award ceremony. Hmmm what do i write here? Dude didn’t let us down on the wardrobe. His stylist is doing something good. We love. Sorry to ask,is that an Armani suit? It sure looks like one 😉

fifth harmony5,4,3,2,1. Yup,all of them. Turning the heat on the red carpet is the girl band Fifth Harmony. Leather,legs*winks*,heels and a crop top give the band that sassy fashionable look. Redefining the power of 5!

charli xcxThey say brown is for earth,i say brown is for red carpet. Musician Charli XCX looking good in that mini ballon-ish dress. Perhaps the memo sent was,”come one,come all,come in minis”. We are not complaining though.

jason deruloI want to rename Jason to Jay-Sexy-son. He is what you’d call a chick magnet-slash-badboy-slash-cool-looking-slash-RickRosay copy cat. Jay,from bro to bro i’m way jealous of you but that coat,glass of scotch(or read brandy) and cigar doesn’t scream,”hey,look at how fashionable i am”. Maybe it’s just me or i got the wrong pic of him. He must have changed into something nicer. And by nicer i mean fashion-worthy. Enough said(written).

ellie gouldingBlond hair(or is auburn?whatever,it reflects nicely on her),black evening dress,perfect slit equals 10 points for Ellie Goulding. This is what we call rocking a red carpet.

pharell and helenChic,young,hip. I donno about you but couldn’t Pharell and Helen have glammed it up a little? blah blah,time to break the rules if it makes you happy. Pharell is flashing the peace sign,do you know why?BECAUSE HE’S HAPPY. Clap along if you feel his look..

justin beiberjb winsOh yes. To all Beliebers who belie-be in him,he made you proud. In terms of fashion,winning and posing. Boy turns into a fashionista truly. This is where baes sing,where are you now that i need ya?

Tell me all about what you think about these red carpet looks. And one last piece…

artistaWho are you? We wanna see your face. Spot on!

Talk to me. You know you are dying to. I’m waiting 🙂


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