Social Media This Week|The slayers,the risqué-takers and the lovey-dovey ones


Social media. That place where peeps meet to share all hidden sh*t,glam and the downright not-so-cool stuff. By “stuff” I mean pics. So,what of celebs? I dread what you are about to see..but anyway,over 400 million people have seen this pics already. I just felt inclined to rope you in. Some are dope. By dope I mean,sexy sexier sexiest


In celebrating National Doughnut Day(awkay,I want to be American),Courtney Stodden posted that. Oh,she rose to fame after marrying actor Doug Hutchinson at age 16 while he was only 50. Get it right. He was ONLY 50yrs and she was JUST 16yrs old. Well. No comment on that pic.


Lupita shared this and I think her message was,”don’t worry,be happy,work in Hollywood too”. What do you think?


Taylor Swift feeling all sweetly with that miao-wey. This is the kinda bae you want. Cute sweet and a lover of cats. Great. So you won’t have to worry about appearing in pics. Ouch. But still…


John Legend’s wife,Chrissy Teigen, looking like that. Yea,that. She’s kissing some thing there. Hey,we were created with lips too.
Do we feel them? Talk to me.
Still have no followers on IG? You now know what to do,that’s for ladies of course. For men,get rid of bae’s cat.


2 thoughts on “Social Media This Week|The slayers,the risqué-takers and the lovey-dovey ones

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah…thought chrissy had sam good maan 2 go seducing niggas by kissin stuffs.
    Taylor swee…my tht puss* mean that miao-wey…
    Mr blogger think i love that doughnut day stuff..its sexy but nuts#the pic

    Thumbs up blogger..waitin for tommorrows stuff


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