4 Reasons why you should hit pause,not play


I just can’t believe I am about to write this(cause of my love for entertainment)but I have to play my part too. There is a docu-series on one of the local tv stations by one of the country’s top investigative journo Dennis Onsarigo. This is a deep dive journey into the world of youth in crime and violence. It’s sad that our young people are engaging in violent acts of crime. That’s where we ask,is the TV and movie culture part of what is perpetuating some of  these acts? It’s a little clichéd but just walk with me…

What are some of the negative effects of movies,especially crime movies to the youth?
1) May inspire real life crime
Back in 1996 a movie by the title Scream was produced. Then the usual followed,that is,huge box office ratings,stardom for actors blah blah blah and then the unexpected. A boy murdered someone, in real life,because the movie gave away tips on how to kill someone. Who had seen this coming?
If you love watching movies it’s okay. If ever, though,you feel the urge to kill someone after repeated watching of certain movies,it’s advised you stop. Life is very precious. Get help. Don’t be a murderer because a horror film created the desire in you.
2) Perpetuates criminal as deserving ultimate punishment-death
Some movies perpetuate the criminal as this very bad person who deserves nothing but death. That is why we have laws and justice systems. As crooked and broken as the system is,we have to trust it and leave the guilty party to answer to the law. If at any one time you start developing the idea that yes,all criminals ought to be punished by death,you need to critically rethink your entertainment choices and decide whether that is the right path you want to follow.
3)May hamper real social change
All youths and teens are supposed to be rebellious, party animals,carefree and violent. Do you actually believe this is what we were created for as young people? Have we sunk this shallow because of entertainment? Get back to the real world. Be counted as one of the strong ones who lived a life worthy of admiration each day.
4) Create an aggressive society
We cannot live in world where we solve all our problems by punches,slaps and insults.
Analyze who you are as a young person,what influence the movies are having on you and decide on what’s next for you.
If you have a balanced and healthy view of life and the world in general,then watch all you want. Just remember,live in the real world. Not in the world of wars,non-existent high-tech weapons and disregard for human life.


Peaceful day to you.


2 thoughts on “4 Reasons why you should hit pause,not play

  1. Anonymous says:

    agree with all that..the tastes we have on what we watch affects much our behaviour.action movie lovers are a bit rough in the stuffs they do..
    bt at the same time there are the goods we gain from some of the characters we tend to envy al through…


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