Internet things;weird websites, really weird!


The internet is a weird dark twisted place. Here are websites that will make you cringe..
RateMyPoo is a website that,well,speaks for itself. You participate in rating people’s poop. Yuck. But that’s quite creative of them. Seriously. They show us that even some things are not so worthless. Okay,enough already.


DivineInterventions- yes,this website will intervene on your behalf in the most unorthodox ways. It’s an online store that sells sex toys in the form of Christian figures. They have a Baby Jesus dildo. The world has just come to an end.
What do you think??
Internet gone crazy or peeps gone creative?
What weird things have you seen on the net? Share. But leave your poop out.


2 thoughts on “Internet things;weird websites, really weird!

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha..waat..some baby Jesus-like dildo???haa everythng is just crazy nowadeiz..
    have not seen anything soo nuts yet to share but am sure net has lots of such ***.


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