James Bond Monday!


In celebration of Bond,James Bond new movie Spectre,I will take you through what makes a James Bond classic film. You like Bond,want to be like Bond? Welcome to agent 007’s world..


Every Bond film usually has what they call a “Bond girl”. Manipulative,intelligent and of course sexy. They say one of Bond’s vices is women. Men,you are now officially allowed to have “vices” too.


Wealthy AF,ruthless,immoral,ambitious. This best describes villains in Bond films. And they are all haters of James Bond. Without them,there would be no movies. So,I guess it’s safe to say,villains rock too. Look for a villain to fight off in your life. But don’t go making enemies and then vilify them.


Near death experiences. Or should I write near the groin death experiences. If you look keenly,that is a laser beam headed directly to JB’s “royals”. Ouch. Are you really sure you wanna be Bond?


And some more near death experiences. I want to live for many years. So,no sir,I don’t wanna be James.


A cool getaway car. James Bond is not James Bond without a cool motor. Why? It’s one of agent 007’s vices. I love this vice.


Lastly,the agent. Tall,athletic,handsome in his mid-thirties early-forties. Yup. That’s the guy. Raw,hot,smart.
Waiting eagerly for Spectre?


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