When the cold air bites..


This part of the world(Kenya to be precise) has been experiencing a bit of chilly weather. No,I didn’t mean to write a bit,I meant to write a bit extreme chilly/rainy weather. New simile,”as cold as balls”. You didn’t read it here. Any who,what does the cold weather bring??_
The Fashion


This is how we are all dressed up. Leave no space even for a bit of sweat. We don’t sweat when it’s cold. How interesting. This is the time people have an excuse for wearing any piece of crap. They are trying to keep warm.


And those boys who sag have an excuse to not sag. The cold has its advantages too.
Healthy you


You know you are healthy(and normal) if you catch a cold this season. Oprah said so. On the real though,how is it you have no cold? Don’t brag if you don’t have a cold. It’s going viral. Friends are sharing it like crazy. It’s only a matter of sneezes and coughs and you’ll join the team.
Hitting the gym


Yes,shivering counts as exercise. So,shiver along. You’ll be warm and fit after that. No need of going to the gym or running around. Just obey the demands of your body.
Because you gotta keep your job


*angry face* am I allowed to punch someone hard!?


..oh yes,Team Chelsea has lots of work to do. Weather don’t matter. Let them work it hard!
When the weather gets the better of you


You know ,there was a time I actually thought flowers could talk. Guess what,they did. In an animation movie. They had such lovely voices. So keep trying,mother nature might listen and reduce this cold.
Keep warm and have a cuddly week!


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