Hot Celeb rides of 2015


When you are referred to as a celeb, things are a bit different for you. You gotta live like a true king,eat like one and ride like one. Check out some of these celebrity cars that will make you hate your career and make you shift to celebdom. Is that a career? Just asking…vrooom vrooom vrooom!


Jay-Z owns a Maybach Exelero worth $8m. That must be cheap for him but it’s totally worth the mullah.


Lil Wayne makes dough and he sure knows how to spend his. He owns a black Bugatti veyron worth $2.7m. Daaamn!


We say gold is for kings right? If so,then Flo Rida is also a king too ’cause he owns a golden Bugatti veyron going for about $2.7m. I officially make this dude my role model.


I don’t know what’s up with the Bugatti mania but Birdman,CEO of Cash Money Records also owns one worth $2m.


Ride it smoothly Curtis. 50 Cent obviously has more than 50 cents in his bank account. Our man has a Lamborghini Gallardo worth $2m. Say what!?


You are still not sure whether to pursue your passion in football? Well, David Beckham owns a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead all thanks to his dribbling skills. At only $407k. Don’t you even dare convert that money to the local currency.


That is Nicholas Cage. The car is a Ferrari Enzo worth $607k. Okay,my work is done here.
Time to work it. I am getting there too. Like hell I am,what about you? Are you satisfied taking public transport or driving that Toyota Nissan(no offence)? I know you ain’t.
Anybody want a ride?
You’re welcome.


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