Love stalkers in Moi University!


If you thought stalkers only existed in movies, series and nightmares, it’s time you woke, switched off the telly and stayed alert. Moi university is one of the few campuses prowling with stalkers
These are men who will somehow find a girl’s contact and then trail them, all this while trying to win the affection of the girl. One lady in the school of education remembers being stalked by an anonymous guy who would send her pics of where she was, who she was with and what she was doing. It got to a point she had to threaten the dude that she would report the matter to the police. Only recently,a lady in the same school has been receiving texts from an anonymous character who doesn’t pick calls and doesn’t want to reveal his identity.
The victims are many out there and the stalkers are taking advantage of the fact that the institution has a large population. The anonymous person(s) could be male,a female or even a group of people.
Is it that some students have gone psychotic to the point where they enjoy torturing others for no reason or is love in campus driving people to such lengths? Share your view with me and tell me how would you help the victims.


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