Forbes List 2015;Highest paid women in music


The list was out a long time ago(6days ago) just didn’t get it much quicker. Lazy bones! Sorry. So,which female musician should you start befriending on social media? These ladies got mullah you can’t even begin to imagine..

1. Katy Perry($135m)
Yes,Katy Perry aka Kitty Purry is the highest earning female musician in the industry overtaking the likes of Taylor and Beyonce..


Seems she roared loud enough for her to realize her teenage dream,which I am assuming was to be a top selling musician. Am I wrong Katy?
2. Taylor Swift($80m)


There was a rumor that Taylor’s song Bad Blood was inspired by a beef between her and Katy. The song may have been from experience but all in all,it earned her more money than some of us will ever have in a lifetime. I know she tells her bf,”screw up baby and we are never ever getting back together”. Why? Cause she’s got dough,real dough.
3.Fleetwood Mac($59.5m)


This is a music band that was formed in 1967,yes, that’s right and its female members,Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie are the ones repping the group in terms of top women earners.
4. Lady Gaga($59m)


The fame queen is also one of the top women earners in the industry. Her bizzare sense of style maybe questioned many times but her sense of music is of no doubt unquestionable. Okay,perhaps a little questionable. All in all,we are waiting for her to say,”don’t call my name Alejandro”…*from her song* because she’s now a real bauss chick. She doesn’t really need Alejandro.
5.Queen Bey ($54.5m)


Queen B,what happened? Number 5?? Ain’t bad but you can do better. From now on I’ll be buying your albums just to promote you! Beyonce has been overtaken but I guess the competition is no joke. Still good money. What would you do with $54m?
The list includes other musicians such as Britney Spears who are in the top league of earners. For full list go to Forbes.
Those are the top 5.
Did your fave make it to the top?


2 thoughts on “Forbes List 2015;Highest paid women in music

  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah.atleast the top two are my favourites.for kitty,i just like the way she rolls.
    Taylor swee..i see u.she deserves that.
    Mr blogger..haha..was that fleetwood mac’s pic taken in the 60’s as the band started so that by now…anywei jst kidding.Amazing stuff though


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