Thursday Treat;YY’s Abs!


Yy,the Churchill show comedian and KU medical student,is not only good at making people laugh,but also in sharing his body parts. The comedian shared pics of his watery,wet-ish six-packs for ladies consumption. Ladies,let the drooling begin..


I guess he is confirming whether that is his body. Yup. It’s his. No need to reassure himself.


This is the part where he is thanking God for 2 things;for giving him that body that doesn’t easily accumulate fat(unlike others I know) and for bloggers like this one who are about to share his finery with the rest of the world. Oh,yes,he is now world famous. World stands for the world of thirsty women 🙂
Dude,have you gotten rid of your ‘fatty this side down’?


3 thoughts on “Thursday Treat;YY’s Abs!

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha..yy..everythng about him sounds funny.evn tht now atleast the world knows he is not that skinny nigga we see on the stage..


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