Fitness Friday; Body On Fleek


Hellow people! Do you like your body? It doesn’t matter whether or not you do because it’s time to get rid of that fat,build muscle and get that banging body you’ve always wanted in a celeb style! Today’s fit celebs are Paul Rudd(Ant-Man movie star) and Ellie Goulding(Brit musician)…
Ellie Goulding


She’s on the December cover of Shape magazine talking about her body plus other blah blahs
• she does some outdoor running
•she does some weight training
•she has a trainer who takes her through what is known as HIIT(high-intensity interval training)
•she eats lots of greens
•she also likes eating bananas,avocados,spinach,brocolli
The results?



•taut stomach
•banging body
•killer look
Ladies,what are you waiting for? 5 bananas and 45minutes outdoor run!
Paul Rudd


For the role of Scott on Marvel’s Ant-Man movie, Paul Rudd had to work it and give the world some beefy meat to dream about and admire. How did he prepare?
•he did a lot of flips and rolls and most of his training involved gymnastics-like workouts
•his workouts were extremely intense given the role he was preparing for
•he quit all,ALL,carbohydrates and alcohol for a year(what a trial!)
•he ate lots of proteins and vegetables
The results?



•total beefcake body
•no excess belly fat
•ladies drooling all over him
Bodies that speak a thousand sexy words!
How is your life? Are you healthy?
Stay fit this weekend..


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