Hollywood lately…


Hello Adele Adkins? Are you there? It’s me. The blogger. Yea,that guy who’s gonna write about you. International celebville never winks a wincy bit. Always up with something. Are you ready for some hot stories from around the globe (of the internet)? 🙂

Adele is considering joining acting. The musician said that she enjoyed the filming for her song Hello with director Xavier Dolan and she feels she can give this acting stuff a shot. Her director Dolan,is debuting a film The Death and Life of John F Donovan and if she agrees to be cast among the characters,she will star alongside the likes of Kit Harrington(Game of Thrones actor).


Thank goodness! Missy Elliot is back from where she’s been hiding her musical talent. She has dropped a new jam featuring the never-aging Pharell Williams called WTF! Yea,where they from!
Walk in the streets of YouTube and you’ll see it. Sorry I couldn’t provide the link. You know how this networks work at times.


Is Rick Rozay back with Lira Galore? Maybe,maybe not. But what we are sure of is that weeks after the two broke off their engagement, Rozay decided to put the $350k 11 carat ring back on girlie’s finger. Lira also features on the new Rick Ross and Chris Brown song titled “Sorry” as Rick’s GF. So,I guess she must have told Rick to RIP the ring. *return if possible*.


  ….and they are seen doing this in the song…*stares into the blank space*


Reports have it that there’s an anonymous Hollywood actor living with HIV. The high profile actor is said to have a long list of exes and “conquests”. He hasn’t revealed himself yet as he fears he might face several lawsuits for doing what he did without telling his partners and ruining their names should he decide to reveal himself. I lack words for this one. Can’t deal.


Just in case you don’t know,45 is the new 29. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is doing a shoot for an upcoming lingerie and does she have a banging body or what! Mmmmh…


This is what we call aging gracefully. Though she may have undergone a few “tweaks” here and there,she has maintained a well-toned body for a woman her age. Wanna see more of her hotness?? Look for Empire TV series and American Horror Story:Hotel and you’ll be served a dish of sexiness by her beautiness Naomi Campbell.
The top 10 box office movies so far are;
1. Spectre(James Bond film).
2. The Peanuts Movie(animation)
3. The Martian(SciFi film about surving in space)
4. Goosebumps
5. Bridge of Spies
6. Hotel Transylvania 2
7. Burnt
8. The Last Witch Hunter
9. The Intern
10. Paranormal Activity;The Ghost Dimension
What’s happening in your life?


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