Internet things;Celeb selfies and photos


My good people how ya doing? Moi is just surviving the cold weather and a cold. Mhm. I thought I was invincible to cold but nah. I am so human, it freaks me out(slightly). Today,we look at the celeb selfies and photos that broke the internet. Why? Find out here…


Selfie; Oscar Awards 2014
Who’s in the pic: countless celebs,among them, Lupita,Jennifer Lawrence,Brad Pitt,Jared Leto(etc?)
Worth; Hollywood Reporter magazine claimed it was worth $1bn. Whoa. Selfie, anyone?


Photo; Bieber having fun at some place(it’s okay to say I don’t know where)
Who’s in the pic; Justin Bieber & co.
Worth; this pic(among other Bieber pics) brought Instragram’s infrastructure to a halt as fans crashed just to hit like. The Bieber bug is real.


Selfie; 2015 Soul Train Awards
Who’s in the pic; model/actor Tyrese(tall glass of hotness for ladies) among others. Seriously. How do we even start mentioning those celebs?
Worth; umh, I have decided not to torture your poor mind with the figures. I would just use the word BAFFLING!
Take a selfie, be famous! Ha! As if you don’t take seflies every damn day!
How are you doing?


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