Jongo,the African superhero!


South Africans are making a superhero series,in Africa! We can kiss X-Men goodbye. Welcome Jongo,the new African superhero…
Series title; Jongo
Main character; Eli King
His powers; he can ran fast( than you and any other average dude. He’s a superhero. Duh)
He can jump very,very, veeeeery mind-boggling heights
He has super-strength (this means tasty muscles for mamis out there)
Weakness; he is mortal. What!? Aaagh,ten points down on that one
Setting; the series is set in Jo-burg South Africa
Storyline; King’s father was
abducted and forced to work as a miner in a
cave for baddie Benjamin Abaddon (Bartho van
Tonder) who is after special crystals that imbue
powers. Dad dies, leaving his son Eli a blue
stone (physical strength) and a need for
revenge that leads him to Abaddon. Abaddon is
already in possession of a red crystal (mind
control), but wants all three — the third being a
green stone (invisibility) that is in the hands of
his enforcer, Ziv, an Israeli with special forces
training — because together the crystals will
fulfil an ancient prophecy that will threaten the
lives of millions.
Basic pointers; the series will not compete with the likes of Marvel as they are trying to show a more human story. The quality is top notch!
Broadcast; the series has been taken by Ebony Life TV which airs continentally via DSTv platform and free to air channel eTV. The show starts on March 2016.
Links; for the trailer go to
Are you excited about the first original African superhero series? I know you are like I am.
Share your thoughts.


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