Tinashe: a glass of pure fresh hotness!


@ThisGirlTinashe is about to free you from the cold and bring you to the light(and heat,*coughs*) you badly need. What does T.I.N.A.S.H.E. stand for?? Here is a mid-week treat for ya..


T is for tantalizing tatas…mmhhhh…got someone drooling dreaming already.


I is for IG hotness. What else can we ask for in a celeb like her surely? …(maybe more pics,this vibe though,I don’t know)


N is for naughty. This is part of a photoshoot she was doing for “adult”(read between the quote marks) magazine Playboy and it came out perfectly. While we are at it can we talk about that fishnet on her thigh? Are we going raw and rough here? *winks*


A is for ace. You nailed it mami with this one. Daaamn we ‘gone keep staring till we go sore. Okay,till bae catches us. Bae won’t even catch us red-handed,why? We have surrendered! (#MollisVibes)


S is for sweet sugar(with a mix of spicy). Though me is thinking,is it reaaaally okay to use the word sweet with Tinashe? Hmm,let’s stick to spicy!


H is for high-stakes body. Where else would you find a body like this one? I know,on the cover of V magazine. #MadLoveForT


..and E is for elegance. Girl got style we don’t deny. She knows it. We all know it.
All summing up to TINASHE.
has she made your Wednesday?


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