Campus fashion | 3 major fashion crimes


Campus should be that place where you explore who you are,find a unique sense of style that suits you and be that person(or at least try to be that person) you’ve always wanted to be. Let’s be honest,what you wear speaks volumes. You don’t have to be the most perfectly dressed but these fashion choices for most campus-goers are a no no! Let’s break it down..

1) Men in Pink and red trousers


Don’t even try arguing with me. These celebs wore red. They thought they pulled it off. Guess what,it turned out to be a fashion disaster! How many celebs(male) do you see wearing red(pants)!? And the key words here are  “RED TROUSERS” and “MALE CELEBS”. None. Okay,a few of them. Point is, don’t do red. Please.


Oh my goodness look at that and picture a typical campus dude in that! …….. *gasps and runs out of words*
You are only allowed to do so if you are a model. Only models allowed.
2) Ladies who wear leggings as pants!
Who feels that this is okay?
If you have said yes I hope you have a way of wearing leggings that doesn’t bring you out like this mamita here..


What’s happening? Fashion crimes that would cost you a lifetime in jail!
3) Shades/sunglasses at night?
You have gotta be kidding me…


You will hear peeps saying; I wear them because I look nicer at night. The only time you can wear them at night is if they are designer(real designer brands),say a pair of Dolces or Prada or even even Ray Bans(we will know the fake ones).


Don’t take this article too seriously. We are living in the 21st century and you are allowed to wear what you want. It’s a free world. If it makes you feel good,wear it. We can only make poor fashion choices for so long.
But if I catch you…ahem…
What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Campus fashion | 3 major fashion crimes

  1. Anonymous says:

    am with u on the red pants for doesnt mk sense wen men wear clothes with such colors.Mr blogger you forgot about the color yellow..


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