Fitness Friday; Rihanna and Omari


It is that time again when we get to talk about banging bodies. How did Rihanna get that tasty hourglass shape and how does she maintain it? Or what about Omari Hardwick? The guy who acts as “Ghost” in TV series Power,has a body that makes women sweat and sin(in their minds) a lot. Our fit stars today are Rihanna and Omari Hardwick. Take notes


Workout; Rihanna focuses on cardio such as jumping, static jogging,rope skipping among others
Diet; princess takes lots of carbohydrates as they make her strong(wow!) and also fruits(pineapples),potatoes,green salad,fish and she also takes hot water in the morning



• Most wanted body
• thighs on fleek *ahem*
• an overall red hot body,literally
Omari Hardwick
He’s a fine actor with a fine AF body. What are his secrets?


Workout; Omari takes boxing classes,Birkam yoga(will get back to you on that one),sprints in the pool and also plays basketball
Diet; he takes a lot of water,fruits(avocados,apples),steamed veggies,mashed potatoes
The results?
See for yourself




• healthy skin
• buff body
• deliciously looking abs( ladies,you’re welcome)
Points to note; drink lots of water as possible,take more veggies..and potatoes too.
How are you staying healthy?


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