Fresh out of Hollywood!


The land of sh*tty happenings(on occasion), celeb screws and views has come to you again. Kicking things off is that Missy Elliot is covering Billboard magazine as she is preparing for a comeback. Where have you been Missy? We missed you loads. By loads I mean a lot. I know some perveted minds were thinking loads of ….scratch that…let’s continue exploring…. 🙂


Rap artiste Tyga is being sued for sexual battery by music video dancer Alison. She says that during the production of one of Tyga’s songs back in 2011 she was coerced into doing stuff she wasn’t comfortable doing. She says Tyga is responsible because he was coordinating the production. Tyga was to compensate her with $50k but he has only parted with $25k so far. A judge has therefore asked him to pay the rest. C’mon young tiger,pay up!


Good news; Adele’s complete album 25 is dropping today. Bad news; none of her songs in the album will be free for streaming as fans will have to buy the album. My thoughts about this move; I don’t care,I still love her..I meant love her songs and I understand that she also has to make money,don’t you?


Charlie Sheen,the actor who played a part in comedy series Two and a Half Men some time back already confessed that he is HIV positive. Problem is,word is going round that he publicly abused his two former wives,Denise Richards and Brook Mueller into keeping quiet about his status long before he came into the out. This was in the form of public humiliation among other means. It was wrong of him,but at the end of the day it was his status to share. What do you think?


Momma,can you hear me? Seems like Scott Disick,formerly married to one of the Kardashian sisters is in trouble,money trouble. Nothing’s working out for him. That’s what you get for dissing and ditching a Kardashian. Either way,he is seeking the help of Kris Jenner,the Kardashian momma into getting back to TV. He will come back to the Kardashians show as part of a reunion. Point is,you never get rid of a Kardashian,oops!


Do you know Jamie Foxx,that funny( or somewhat funny) actor who acted Django? His daughter,Corrine Foxx,has been announced as the new Miss Golden Globe 2016. This is an honor traditionally given to the child of one of the respected actors/actresses/directors in Hollywood whose work will be to assist(among other things) during the Annual Golden Globe Awards.
Aaaaaaaaaand that’s a wrap. What else have you heard?
Oh,did I forget to write about you? :mrgreen:


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