Weekend pics


Weekend yaaay! Or naay if nothing big or interesting is going down for you. All in all,let the weekend bug bite with the following pics…and no,I am not infecting you with idioditis..


See what you girls do to us!? Not fair at all.


Get rid of your shadow ASAP if this happens. How can one do that you ask? I also don’t know


Michael B. Jordan covers Men’s Fitness magazine. Some people(read ladies) after seeing this pic will get wet….in their mouths of course….*ahem* ..and other people(read men) will ask who the f**k is Mike. Just know he is a famous dude who makes lots of dough. Is your weekend boring?
It might mean,just like me,you lack the talent and skill of knowing how to have fun 🙂
Which is okay. No one eve died of boredom. But someone died driving while drunk.
How’s your life?


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