TV alert; New Series to dive into


The festive season is catching up with us. How is your TV life? Boring,oh,stale? Worry not. Catch up with the following series to welcome this holidays in style…


Flesh And Bone
This is about Claire. A troubled ballet dancer who moves to New York City to join a new ballet company. What does she find there? Cutthroat competition in the world of professional ballet dancing. This series gives us #BlackSwanVibes and it has this edgy and mysterious vibe. After watching the Black Swan movie,this is definitely one I have to look for,what about you?


The Last Kingdom
So,summary; Uhtred is an illegitimate child of King Alfred who is under attack from the Danes( he’s a Sax). Don’t mind the Danes and the Saxs. These are just warring parties. Uhtred,gets kidnapped by the Danes,lives like the Danes. He wants to help the kingdom. But what is his identity now. Will he unite the Danes and the Sax’s in the Wessex kingdom?
#OldTimesVibes…who’s in for some ancient mythical battle of worlds?


Wicked City
LAPD cops track down serial killers down a famous street- Sunset Strip.
#HotCopVibes…these one will take a bullet for you!


Agent X
Hidden from the public and even the president himself,is Agent X. This agent is meant to protect the state from enemies,and by the state I mean The President. Someone must know who he is right?? The Vice President.
“One man,against all enemies”.
Has any of you watched any of the above? If yes,share your thoughts. If the answer is none of the above,you know what you have to do!
Great viewing y’all.


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